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Manila Hang Tags Extra Large #8 - 50 ct or 150 ct

$ 7.50
Manila Hang Tags Extra Large #8

Great organizational tool for hanging clothes on set, in a retail store, prepping online sales to be shipped or in your own closet. Write on them or use printed computer labels. Good for separating or keeping together anything from outfits to supplies. We love them when styling multiple looks or tagging our fabric stash swatches or even the supplies we sell here. We like to keep our fabric swatches and yardage in stock on these hang tags and take them to the store when matching fabrics for our clients. Don't get us started on our utility room. (We may have an organizing addiction.) Visual organizing helps any hectic creative mind. We use them at home and work!

+ commercial grade
+ color: manila
+ reinforced punched holes for hanging
+ 6 1/4" x 3 1/8"

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