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Mending Kit Pouch by V&Ymart

$ 18.95 $ 25.00

This versatile clutch bag by V&Ymart can be rolled up or folded in half with the hand dyed fuchsia tie closure. It comes with a ball & chain necklace so you can wear it across your chest, over your shoulder or clasp it to your belt or belt loop. Handmade with salvaged faux leather & hand dyed lining that matching the tie closure.

The mending kit is great for wardrobe stylists, fashion stylists or costumers. Small enough to throw into your set bag or clip it to the outside of your set bag for easy access. Also a great gift for students & fashionistas. Can double as a cute clutch as it has enough space for your wallet, phone & keys.

Pouch Specs:
+ ~ 9" x 9"
+ salvaged faux leather outer
+ hand dyed lining & tie closure
+ metal clasp
+ ball & chain necklace
+ Made in the USA

+ double sided fashion tape
+ folding scissors
+ seam ripper
+ measuring tape
+ pins
+ pre-threaded hand sewing needles
+ black & white thread
+ white buttons
+ black buttons
+ large safety pins
+ small safety pins

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